Who we are

Wiltel Company provides high quality,reliable and affordable internet services for personal as well as enterprise use.It also offers a wide range of other I.T and telecommunication solutions.

It is a registered company under the Companies Act of Kenya. It was first established in 2013, since then, it has grown to become one of the most sought after internet providers.


Our Internet Products


2 mbps     @ 2,000/=
3 mbps     @ 2,500/=
5 mbps     @ 3,000/=
6 mbps     @ 4,000/=

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7 mbps     @ 5,000/=
10 mbps     @ 7,000/=
15 mbps     @ 10,000/=
20 mbps     @ 15,000/=

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We use unified VOIP PBX that comes with many features such as digital receptionist, central phonebook, call recording and etc.

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